Every young person needs support at some point in their education as navigating the journey from childhood to adulthood can sometimes be difficult. Here we understand that it’s OK not to be OK and provide many touchpoints to identify and support pupils through a combination of data-driven and traditional care. Our close-knit community embraces difference and diversity, and a culture of peer-to-peer support across the age groups starts with our inclusive House culture.


Pastoral Care at Repton

Pastoral Care at Prep



Teaching at Repton adds value and opens minds far beyond the confines of the curriculum. We pride ourselves on cultivating unbounded young people with a global mindset. Learning is a lifelong endeavour so here we provide pupils with the space and freedom to explore new ideas and challenge the status quo in order to develop enquiring minds. As a Microsoft Showcase School Repton is at the forefront of the EdTech revolution so classrooms are equipped for 21st century learning and collaboration across the global Repton Family of Schools. Our values of excellence, wholeness, truth and respect come to life through our rich academic programme.

Academic at Repton

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Achieving at the highest levels of performance sport and participation for all are in no way mutually exclusive. At Repton our coaches are our USP. They understand what it takes to play sport professionally so can guide Reptonians to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Yet at the same time they have successfully delivered a culture where every pupil understands the value that sport brings to their own sense of wellbeing whilst developing life skills such as leadership, resilience and teamwork.


Sport at Repton

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Life at Repton is purposeful and busy. Our extra-curricular programme is fundamental to a Repton education, providing pupils with a welcome counterpoint to timetabled lessons, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to explore new endeavours. At lunchtimes, during the evenings and at weekends the School continues to operate a full-pace with societies, visiting speakers, Combined Cadet Force, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and a plethora of other activities that capture the imagination of every Reptonian, enriching their lives far beyond their time at School.


Extra Curricular at Repton

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Repton, founded in 1557 in the ancient capital of Mercia, is one of the oldest public schools in the UK. Today, the Repton Family of Schools reaches across the globe, but there is a strong thread that binds us together in our shared values: wholeness, excellence, truth and respect. Every Reptonian is encouraged to understand that a Repton education is about performance over privilege and to live these values, which is why Reptonians is known for being grounded.


Spirit of Place at Repton

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