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Our strong community of highly trained Health and Wellbeing staff are on-site and available to all pupils for medical and wellbeing support. The Pastoral Support Team – including the School Nurse and other members of the Health and Wellbeing Centre; the Head of Personalised Learning and Counselling staff, provide further support for pupils wishing to access more specialist and focused support.

“The pastoral care is amazing, and I know that if I was ever struggling there are multiple places that I could go for help such as my tutor, housemistress, and chaplain to name a few.”

Hattie N (Field)

OriginalImage,Original,senior-pageCARING for a REPTONIANS' MENTAL HEALTH

An increasing number of our teaching staff have benefitted from Mental Health First Aid training and regular pop-up wellbeing cafes allow pupils to talk openly as well as in confidence to trained listeners. 

A weekly tutor meeting, delivered by tutors but supplemented by guest speakers and outside agencies help to educate our pupils in an age-appropriate way on important topics, including wellness and self-care; mental health; self-esteem and a positive mindset; gambling and addiction; online safety; identity; health and diet.


In addition to the ten resident House Matrons, Repton School has a professionally staffed and equipped Health and Wellbeing Centre. It is staffed on a shift basis by Lead School Nurse Nicola Blunt (Registered Children’s Nurse), School Nurse Julia Jenkins and Dawn Birtwistle (Healthcare Assistant). The staff provide individualised, holistic care for pupils, promoting good health and healthy lifestyles and provide emergency care for injured or acutely unwell pupils. 

School Doctors

For boarders, the School Doctors are based at Newhall Surgery but a daily surgery (Monday to Friday) is held at the School Health and Wellbeing Centre. The members of the practice are: Dr Marshall, Dr Prabhakaran Pillai, Dr Mitesh Patel, Dr Natalie Jinks and Dr Diane Pipe.

Parents are welcome to attend appointments. If your child would like a chaperone, their Matron or the School Nurse will be able to accompany them.

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