Lights, camera, action! The Michaelmas Term highly anticipated musical performance of the beloved Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical, came to a close on Saturday night following a three-night run in Repton School’s award-winning 400 Hall theatre.

Ably led by our Director of Drama, Mr Cooper-Richards, this outstanding show saw a cast (made up of pupils from B Block to Upper Sixth) work together to perform group dance routines, live musical ensembles and outstanding theatrical performances.

The narrative unfolds with twists and turns, showcasing the enduring themes of resilience, friendship, and the pursuit of one's passions. Audience members were transported to the high school hallways stepped, as Henry Wood (Lower Sixth) played the popular captain of the basketball team, and both Scarlet Bryan, O Block and Bea Purvis, Lower Sixth played the new arrival to East High with a passion for science, Gabriella Montez. As these lead characters navigated the challenging waters of high school life, from peer pressure to canteen cliques, all while chasing their dreams of landing the lead roles in the school musical.

What makes this production truly special is the dedication and talent of over 80 pupils involved in various on-and-off-stage roles. From actors and singers to lighting and sound engineers, each pupil played a vital role in bringing this spectacular show to life, truly capturing the essence of East High. At Repton, whatever a pupil's skills and aspirations are - be that on stage in an acting role, or behind the scenes as technical crew - all roles are equally important and celebrated.

Playing the eccentric High School Drama Teacher, Mrs Darbus, A Block pupil, Kitty Purcell explains how she resonated with her character, “‘High School Musical’ was the perfect drama production for me to perform in my first principal role. In playing an overly dramatic character, I have found one of my favourite types of characters to play. The support I got during the play from the drama staff as well as the other cast members was incredible, and all the positive feedback was the best thing to hear”.

Commenting on how proud he is of the whole cast and crew, Mr Cooper-Richards said, “I was delighted with the success of ‘High School Musical’, selling out four shows and performing to over 1,000 members in the audience. An all singing-and-dancing Disney musical is no small feat, and with the commitment from over 80 Reptonians, on stage, in the band, or behind the scenes, we managed to pull off a spectacle”.

As in previous years, all profits from ticket sales will be donated to the charity selected for the Michaelmas Term. This term, the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity was selected by the Community Action Group. By choosing to attend this performance, audience members not only get to experience the magic of High School Musical but also contribute to a noble cause. It's a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together, enjoy a fantastic show, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Go Wildcats!