Repton Schools Football Participation Pathway | Inclusive Football Program

Participation Pathway






Football participation is for all pupils and is the foundation of the football programme at Repton School.

We believe in inclusivity and offering all who wish to play competitively, the chance to play for either the School and/or their Boarding House.

There are twelve Boys Football teams (1st XI – 4th XI, U16A-B, U15A-C and U14A-C) and two Girls Football teams (1st XI and U15A). Following the arrival of Technical Director of Football Luke Webb in September 2023, ‘Ruxing’ sessions were introduced to the private school Football programme for any pupil who isn’t in a team but would like a full term of football practice and gameplay.

The School's participation teams train two to three times per week with a game once a week. Each team competes for one term of the school year (Boys in the Michaelmas term and Girls in the Lent term). This allows for a multisport annual schedule for those pupils who will then participate in the other main sport of the term outside the football term.




Our House match provision is also a thriving part of our participation pathway, with Junior and Senior Leagues, House Sixes, House Futsal and an overall House Football competition that takes into account many factors such as House competitions, practice progression of individuals, Courage and Excellence awards and team of the week nominations.

The participation pathway of football is the beating heart of Repton football, and we aim to ensure that every pupil who participates in football at Repton has an experience that is fulfilling.

For this, we focus on pitch quality and Coach quality. Repton's award-winning grounds team continue to invest heavily in our pitches to ensure each surface is equal in quality. Our Technical Director of Football, Luke Webb, delivers annual Coach CPD to all members of staff who oversee a Football team. This is to ensure all pupils from the 1st XI to the U14C teams have access to Luke’s innovative and unique football syllabus. This provision also extends to the pupils and staff at Repton Prep School.

Any pupil at Repton School can be invited onto the Performance Programme if they reach the required standard. Many pupils have started on the Participation Pathway and progressed to the Performance Pathway through their journey at the school.

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