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Led by Technical Director of Football, Luke Webb, Futsal at Repton provides repetition at a rate that football could only dream of in the most important constraints of the sport, such as ball literacy, receiving techniques, weight transfer in relation to off and on the ball movement, one on one defending, hold-up play, understanding of space and an ability to share the ball simply and quickly.

Added to this the expression and creativity it allows for is so key to use in a sport such as football that often denies its players the opportunities to make regular mistakes.


"I don’t believe a Futsal player would ever play Football to improve their Futsal, but a Football player should definitely play Futsal to improve their Football."

Luke Webb, Technical Director of Football



Futsal has opened more pathways for our pupils at Repton. There is interest and opportunity from national teams, and some may even see Futsal as offering them more enjoyment in their life of sport after Repton as universities in the UK are at the forefront of  top-level adult Futsal.




A criticism of the performance football programme is often surrounding specialisation too young and professionalisation of school sport. Those who have been a part of the programme know that the variety offered in the programme is more than most schools offer in their whole year co-curriculum.

We know that to be the best in your focal passion you must do it a lot, but we also know that to be the best you also cannot do it all the time. The pupils in the programme participate in yoga, martial arts and dance, strength and conditioning, Football and Futsal. Futsal is a different sport to Football, it’s important to understand this.




Many football coaches and teachers often cite the reduced access to street football in the UK for our passionate young footballers, as a reason why certain fundamental traits and a motivation to practise are often missing in young footballers of this generation.

Brazil developed their street football into an official game that could be played in a safe and controlled environment – Futbol de Saloa, that later became Futsal under UEFA.

Futsal is the answer, but we do not have as many young people playing Futsal at this moment in time because as a country, we are still to be convinced by the awe-inspiring merits it gives to our sporting population. Currently, facilities are minimal and belief in the game is low. This is not the case at Repton, as we completely believe in it as well as having one of the premier Futsal facilities on the UK.




We passionately believe our pupils should be able to enjoy sport their whole lives by being healthy in their bodies for as long as possible. With the knowledge of potential training load, it is our responsibility as educators and coaches to plan pupils’ sporting commitments, even when they are desperate to play more. In Futsal the contact time is more productive, therefore less of it is needed to gain the improvement benefits, and the surface and footwear are easier on the joints.



We will continue to strengthen our relationship with Derby Futsal Club as we move towards Repton School becoming the hub of Futsal in the UK. We have also become the facilities partner for the National Futsal Series (NFS) to host the central venue games broadcast on TNT Sports as well as England Futsal FA Youth Cup finals days.

At Repton we are in the process of building a school and community hub of Football and Futsal, which will facilitate the participation development and performance development of both games for Derbyshire, the local community and the School, as well as act as a place of education and excellence for all.

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